Block Buster Floor Wash

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These Spiritual floor washes are hand crafted and energetically blessed. 

To break all barriers of negative energy present. Thus, allowing your roads to be opened for manifesting your desires.


This bottle contains enough for two uses. Mop your floor as you normally do. Afterwards, Pour half of bottle content into mop bucket. Ask your spirit guides to assist in breaking any and all barriers of negative energy in your home and life (include family that lives in home as well). After mopping, you can get rid of mop contents in toilet bowl or outside of your homes curb.

Please note, these floor washes have been prayed over and will provide you with an energetic cleanse. However, these baths are not a cure. They are not meant to replace a medical diagnosis. If you need medical attention or are in immediate danger, please seek medical/law professional assistance. By purchasing these floor washes and any product from this establishment, you are agreeing that I am not responsible for anything that may or may not occur as a result of my products or services.