Poof, Be Gone Candle

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These Prepared Candles are self prepared and energetically blessed. 

To remove unwanted individuals and energies from your life and immediate space (stalkers/ex partners, etc).


Set your intentions upon lighting candle. Please be responsible when lighting candles. Place candle in a glass bowl with a small amount of water if you do not have a caged candle holder. Place candles high on a stove or in a bathtub if you have small children or pets. Candles may be turned off for safety purposes upon leaving your home. Simply explain why you are turning it off and repeat intentions when lighting again. 

Please note, these candles have been prayed over and will provide you with an energetic cleanse. However, these baths are not a cure. They are not meant to replace a medical diagnosis. If you need medical attention or are in immediate danger, please seek medical/law professional assistance. By purchasing these floor washes and any product from this establishment, you are agreeing that I am not responsible for anything that may or may not occur as a result of my products or services.