Spiritual Roller Balls

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These Spiritual Roller Balls are hand crafted and energetically blessed. 

I Am Worthy, To boost your self esteem and attract love. Whether it be self love or relationship, you are worthy!

Bank Roll, To open your roads and attract good fortune in order to bring abundance of prosperity and money into your life. 

Protection, To guard against negative energy, curses, bad intentions and low vibrational individuals. 

Poof, be gone!, To remove unwanted individuals and energies from your life and immediate space (stalkers/ex partners, etc).

Abre Camino, To clear your paths and open your roads to your hearts desires or what may be needed and beneficial to your life. 


Ideal time of use is before you leave your home. Roll onto your wrist, temples or back of neck. Use as little or as much as you desire. When using, imagine your desires and express what you want to manifest out loud. 

Please note, these roller balls have been prayed over and will provide you with an energetic cleanse. However, these baths are not a cure. They are not meant to replace medication or remedy a medical diagnosis. If you need medical attention or are in immediate danger, please seek medical/law professional assistance. By purchasing these roller balls and any product from this establishment, you are agreeing that I am not responsible for anything that may or may not occur as a result of my products or services.


Natural Spring Water, Holy Water, Florida Water, body safe Mica, Natural herbs and oils.

Please do not purchase or use if you have highly sensitive skin or are unsure of your bodies reactions to ingredients. Please discontinue use if you have an allergic reaction. I am not responsible for adverse skin reactions.